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News and Reviews


Watch Mitchell Johnson TV Interview in Nice on BFM

La Gazzette de Monaco review of Villa les Camilias museum retrospective

Watch Mitchell Johnson interview on Monaco Info

Musee Villa Les Camilias discussion on France Bleu

Generazione Bellezza TV show on RAI 3 in Italy

Menlo Park Amalfi Paintings  Exhibit


Mitchell Johnson: Memorable Epiphanies by Donald Kuspit

Punch Magazine

WSJ Magazine January, 2024 issue, page 99



Donald Kuspit writes about Mitchell Johnson's Palo Alto exhibit.

Hyperallergic post about September Truro exhibit.

Hyperallergic post about July Palo Alto exhibit.


Palo Alto Weekly article.


 Two Paintings Johnson on Page 93 of Wall Street Journal Magazine (Nov 2022).

Hubbard, Linda, "Mitchell Johnson Paris paintings", InMenlo (November 2022).


Gianelli, Sarah, Artist Focus, American Art Collector September Issue.

Daly, Meg, Exhibit Preview Article, American Art Collector, September, 2022 issue.

Nathan, Jesse, "Nothing and Change" exhibition essay.

Hubbard, Linda, InMenlo, September, 2022.

Tampa Museum of Art Selections from Permanent Collection.

Nathan, Jesse, "The Hush of Held Breath", Artscope Magazine, September, 2022.

ArtsCapeCod listing.

Cape Art News.

Storer, Abraham, ArtsBriefs, Provincetown Independent (September 2, 2022).



Hyperallergic December 2021.

Hubbard, Linda, "Mitchell Johnson at Flea Street Menlo Park," InMenlo (December 2021).

Maxwell Keller, Saskia, "Arts Briefs", Provincetown Independent, (Sept 2021).


Roscoe, Lee, "Johnson Captures Truro's Special Colors," Artscope Magazine (September 2021).

Hubbard, Linda, "Mitchell Johnson Paintings on Exhibit in Cape Cod," InMenlo (September 2021).

"Works in Show by Mitchell Johnson Span 16 Years," The Enterprise (August 2021).

Cape Cod Times.

Nonennberg, Sheryl, "The Story of An Artist," Palo Alto Weekly (May 2021).

Hubbard, Linda, "Mitchell Johnson at Pamela Walsh Gallery," InMenlo (April 2021).


Hess, Erika B., "Color & Structure in the work of Mitchell Johnson," I Like Your Work Podcast (May 2021).


Groff, Larry, "Interview with Mitchell Johnson," Painting Perceptions (May 2021).

Clavarino, Elena, "Color Continuum," AirMail News (May 2021).

Wade, Kathryn, "In Conversation with Mitchell Johnson," San Jose Museum of Art. (June 2021)


Content Magazine Color Continuum Exhibit Coverage.



Magnus, Rachel, "Color as Content," Bakersfield Museum of Art (May 2020).

Hubbard, Linda "New Paintings By Mitchell Johnson," InMenlo Magazine (February 2020).

Vahlberg, Laura "11 Thoughts From Mitchell Johnson" (July 2020).

Linnewah, David "Mitchell Johnson Interview" Studio Break (February 2020).

The Provincetown Independent (September 2020).

Rahimi, Arash, "Becoming Mitchell Johnson," Splish Denmark (June 2020).

Citron, Sloane "Faces of Art," Punch Magazine (March 2020).

Castle Hill Color Class notice (Sept 2020).

The painting, "Two Striped Chairs (Wellfleet)," 2019 70x84 inches, is acquired by Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Blog about It's Complicated Film.

Stroud, Barbara, blog post about Menlo Park pop-up exhibit.



James, Julissa, "Go West Young Man," Nob Hill Gazette (May 2019).

Batti, Renee, "Seeing Better," The Almanac cover story (January 2019).

Hubbard, Linda "Mitchell Johnson Exhibit," InMenlo Magazine (January 2019).

SF Station exhibit notice (Oct 2019).

Earl, Emily, "Travelogue: Grand Destinations and Personal Journeys press release" Tucson Museum of Art (April 2019).


Nelson, Mickey, "Creative Colorist," Punch Magazine (October 2018).

Nonennberg, Sheryl, "The Creative Union of Mitchell Johnson & Donia Bijan," Nob Hill Gazette (Dec 2018).

The painting "Pacheco Pass Road," 2001 is acquired by Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento.

The painting, Cerrillos, 1995, 34x42 inches, is acquired by the Tucson Museum of Art.


Nonnenberg, Sheryl "Like A Rainbow," Palo Alto Weekly (Feb 2017).

Landi, Ann, "Reinventing Landscape," Vasari 21 (Feb 2017).

Nonneberg, Sheryl, "Cultivating Creativity," Modern Luxury Magazine (March 2017).

Beth Rubino's Set Design for the Nancy Meyers film, It's Complicated.


Curator's Picks, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

Landi, Ann, "What is Drawing," Vasari 21 (Oct 2016).

Heiman, Ken. "New Palo Alto Art Center Exhibit" Patch (Dec 2016).

Wilton, Nicholas, "Mitchell Johnson Interview," Art2Life (Feb 2016).

Johnson, Mitchell, "Josef Albers: Beyond Light and Shade," Vasari 21 (Dec 2016).


Smaker, Meg, "The Artist of Silicon Valley" documentary film.

Weller, Rebecca, "Color as Content: A Twenty Five Year Survey," Art Ltd Magazine (June 2015).

"Ogunquit (Stieglitz)" included in Magnificent Landscapes exhibit, Ogunquit Museum of Art (Oct 2015).

Wybenga, Eric, "Summer of Color," Dorado Magazine (April 2015).

Colors of the Southwest, New Mexico Museum of Art.

Roberts, Kathaleen, "Colors of the Southwest, New Mexico Museum, Albuquerque Journal (March 2015).

Batti, Renee, "Dishing Up a Colorful Canvas," The Almanac (April 2015).


Patti, Enrico, "Prospettive di Memoria," Architetti (Nov 2014).

Loffredo, Monica, "La Citta e la Memoria," Galleria D'Arte Moderna, San Donato Milanese (Nov 2014).

Ogunquit Museum of Art acquires "Ogunquit (Stieglitz)" painting (April 2014)


Nemerov, Alexander. "Heir of Theirs: Mitchell Johnson and Fairfield Porter" (Bakersfield Museum of Art), 

Color as Content Monograph,  May, 2014. Pg. 23-26.

Seed, John. "Freshness, Freedom, Color and Doubt" (Bakersfield Museum of Art), 

Color as Content Monograph,  May, 2014. Pg. 53-55.

Samet, Jennifer. "Quilts of Color, the Space Between" (Bakersfield Museum of Art), 

Color as Content Monograph,  May, 2014. Pg. 37-39.


Goodrich, John. "Color as Content" (Bakersfield Museum of Art), 

Color as Content Monograph,  May, 2014. Pg. 15.


Laentver, Sofie. "Ven go Maler" (Bakersfield Museum of Art), 

Color as Content Monograph,  May, 2014. Pg. 189.

Trilling, Deborah, "Visiting Artist Mitchell Johnson," Castilleja Magazine, (Jan 2014)



Seed, John, "Richard Diebenkorn: Berkeley Years," Huffington Post (Sept 2013)

Berry, Raymond, "On Mitchell Johnson," Flippo Gallery exhibit essay (October 2013).

Color Talk at Castilleja in Palo Alto (Feb 2013).

The painting, "Ogunquit (Stieglitz)," 2013, 18x28 inches, oil/linen, is acquired by Ogunquit Museum of American Art.



Busa, Chris, "The Pulse of Color," Provincetown Arts, (June 2012).

Yollin, Patricia, "Art Murmur Adds Galleries," SF Gate (April 2012).

Ball, Jonathan, "Are You Going With Me," Res Ipsa Gallery (May 2012).

Seed, John, "Are You Going With Me," Huffington Post (May 2012).

Topalski, Darko, "Bay Area Figuration Exhibit," ArtNews (March 2012).

Seed, John, "Legacy in Continuum: Bay Area Figuration," Huffington Post (March 2012).

Kristof, Csilla, "Bay Area Figuration: Origins and Today," American Contemporary Art Magazine (Feb 2012).

Wood, Antrese, "Mitchell Johnson interview," Savvy Painter (Oct 2012).



Busa, Chris, "Mitchell Johnson radio interview," WOMR, (August 2011).

The painting, "Truro Chair," 2009, 20x24 inches, oil/linen, is acquired by New Britain Museum of American Art.

Six paintings appear in the feature film, Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Mellen, Phillip, "Mitchell Johnson interview," Ahtcast (June 2011).



The painting, "Potrero Hill," 2004, 9x12 inch, watercolor/paper, is acquired by Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

Hubbard, Linda, "Making Sense of the World Through Painting," InMenlo Magazine (Nov 2010).

Harp, Grady. “Mitchell Johnson,” Poets and Artists, (March/April, 2010), pg 41-45.


The painting “Meyreuil,” 2001 appears in the feature film, Its Complicated.



Selz, Peter, “Mitchell Johnson,” 2009, Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

Kendall-Weed, Jeff.  “Los Gatos Art Museum Presents,” Los Gatos Weekender, (December 26, 2008). Pg 34.

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Dallas, Alistair, “The Next Level of Los Gatos Art,” Los Gatos Observer, (January 10, 2009).

CinemaStyle blog about Nancy Meyers Film, It's Complicated.



Trilling, Deborah, "Mitchell Johnson Concerning Color," Anita Seipp Gallery (September 2008).

Karlstrom, Paul, “Mitchell Johnson interview,” 2008, Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

Batti, Renee, “Mitchell Johnson Opens at Castilleja,” The Almanac, (October 30, 2008), pg 20.

Wallace, Rebecca, “Concerning Color,” Palo Alto Weekly, (November 24, 2008), pg 12. 



Josef and Anni Albers Foundation Residency.

The painting “Untitled, Palo Alto, n.3,” 1991 appears in the TV show, Ugly Betty.

Norton, Janet Duca, Palo Alto Daily News, (September 23, 2007), p.7. 

Batti, Renee, “MJ Paints windows at Bloomingdale’s,” The Almanac

(September 12, 2007), p.20. 

Wallace, Rebecca, “The Roads both taken,” Palo Alto Weekly, (May 18, 2007), cover & 

p. 10-12. 

Wallace, Rebecca, “The Roads both taken,” Mountain View Voice, (May 25, 2007), cover & 

p. 29-31. 

Gillian, Drake, Cape Arts Review,  “Art News from Chatham, Orleans and Brewster,” (2007), p.62.

MacLaughlin, Karen, “Color and shape: paintings by Mitchell Johnson,” The Almanac, (May 

9, 2007), p. 32. 

Pasquali, Marilena. “Mitchell Johnson: Doppio Binario” (Musei Senese, Siena, Italy),

  Monograph,  May, 2007. pg. 25-28.

Di Piero, W.S., “On Mitchell Johnson” (Musei Senese, Siena, Italy),

  Monograph,  May, 2007. pg. 97-99.


Pichevin, Claude,  “Mitchell Johnson a Meyreuil,” (Musei Senese, Siena, Italy),

  Monograph,  May, 2007. pg. 104.

Schauer, Lindsay. "Local Gentry," Gentry Magazine (May, 2007), p. 70.



Fressola, Michael, “Ex-Islander paints under the Tuscan Sun,” Staten Island Advance,

 (September 10, 2006), p.E2.

The painting, “Truro n. 6,” 2005 appears in the Columbia Pictures film, The Holiday.



Campion, Peter, Exhibition Interview, I. Wolk Gallery, (September, 2005).

“Bornholm (lifesaver),” 2004 appears in December issue of Sunset Magazine.

Reflections: Staten Island Academy, “Mitchell Johnson,” (Spring, 2005), p.35.



Campion, Peter. "Mitchell Johnson" (Santa Monica: Terrence Rogers Fine Art), 

Monograph,  May, 2004.

Corgnati, Martina. "Mitchell Johnson" (Santa Monica: Terrence Rogers Fine Art), 

Monograph,  May, 2004.

Rogers, Terrence. Introduction to "Mitchell Johnson" 

(Santa Monica: Terrence Rogers Fine Art), Monograph,  May, 2005.

Emerling, Susan, “Mitchell Johnson at Terrence Rogers Fine Art,” ArtNews, p. 88., June, 2004



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Fischer, Jack, “Two California Artists create new interest in old styles,” San Jose Mercury 

News (March 4, 2003), p.1E.

Weimers, Leigh, “Mars, IKEA provide week’ cosmic events,” San Jose Mercury 

News (August 28, 2003), p.2B.

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2003), pp. 7-14, cover.

The Almanac. (January 15, 2003).

Absolute Arts. (January, 2003).


ArtDaily. (January, 2003).


Batti, Renee, “Menlo Artists Work Goes Beyond the Landscape,” The Almanac 

(May 15, 2002), p. 10-11. 

Batti, Renee, “California and Tuscany Dreaming”, Palo Alto Weekly 

(May 17, 2002) p. 28—29.



Letter to the Editor, New York Times (August 19, 2001), p. 6.

La Nazione, “Grande Success per La Sagra,” Siena, September 25, 2001.

Di Piero, W.S. "On Mitchell Johnson," (Santa Monica: Terrence Rogers Fine Art), exhibition 


Fontana, Sara. "Mitchell Johnson," (Santa Monica: Terrence Rogers Fine Art), exhibition 




Bijan, Donia. "Mitchell Johnson," (St. Helena: I. Wolk Gallery), exhibition catalogue.

Carboni, Tiffany. "Local Gentry," Gentry Magazine (February, 2000), p. 42-44.

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Henry, Gerrit. "Mitchell Johnson: Beginnings," (Portland: Augen Gallery) Exhibit essay.



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Ito, Itaru. "I paesaggi di Mitchell Johnson," (Milan: Spazio Avicenna), exhibition essay.


The painting, "Cerrillos Cloud IV," 1993, 42x42 inches, oil/linen, is acquired by New Mexico Museum of Art.



Grant from Santa Fe Institute of Fine Arts to study with Wolf Kahn.

Ayres, Jane. "Painters revive former gallery," Peninsula Times Tribune (February 3, 1992), p. 18.

Sussman, Diane. "Mitchell Johnson: inimitable French style," Palo Alto Weekly (February 5, 1992), p. 38.

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